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Basic Home Swiftlet Signature Bird's Nest Gift Set (37.5g)
Basic Home Swiftlet Signature Bird's Nest Gift Set (37.5g)
Home Swiftlet

Basic Home Swiftlet Signature Bird's Nest Gift Set (37.5g)

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With its beautiful curved shape and swelling capacity, Home Swiftlet's Bird's Nest is the one to look out for. The perfect blending of the rich taste and the strong aroma will leave you wanting for more. Every piece contains high in nutrients and minerals, which is great for youth retention of the skin, hair and nails. Its high collagen content protect our bones from daily activities. and it helps to boost the overall immune system of our body.

Perfect gift for your loved ones and family this Chinese New Year.


Average weight per piece: 6-8 grams (approx. 5-6 pcs)
Storage information: Store in a cool and dry place; avoid direct sunlight
Country of origin: Malaysia


Free delivery to your doorstep.

Home Swiftlet is committed to bring the best quality bird's nest to you. All our bird's nests are ethically harvested and meticulously hand cleaned by our skilled workers to ensure they are free of impurities. There is no bleaching, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring or usage of chemicals involved. As such, the original flavours and nutrients of the bird's nests are retained.

For international orders, bulk purchases or customised orders, please kindly contact us for more information.

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